Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Boo! New short story to appear in 'After the Fall' from Boo Books

Although it's February, I've just seen the result of a great start to my writing year - my YA short story 'The Black Glass' has been accepted for Boo Book's forthcoming anthology, 'After the Fall' - it's a real honour to have your work read and commended by your peers, especially when they like it enough to share it with others in their book.

The theme of 'After the Fall' explores a world where the technology I'm using to write this blog, and that you're using to read it, is gone. After a lot of scribbling off-grid with a crayon in January (as low tech as I dared to go), the first line of the story appeared out of nowhere, challenging me to write the rest.

It's one of the first 'longer' short stories I've written (about three and a half thousand words), and I'm really pleased I stuck with it to make it work.  Big thanks to everyone who listened very patiently to me talk about The Black Glass while I was trying to get my head around telling the story of Mad Alice.

'After the Fall' launches in May 2014 - looking forward to reading the other contributors and seeing their vision of a very different future appear through the pages.

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