Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Write. Finish things. Keep writing.

Write. Finish things. Keep writing.

That's what I've been trying to keep up across 2013, which has been backed up by the brilliant Neil Gaiman (or rather, Neil Gaiman's brilliant hand), and the results are pretty good - I've done a quick rundown of the milestones I've left for myself in the past year as I launch myself into 2014.

I'm working on finishing Red, my contemporary fairytale very soon, and am really looking forward to the Costa Book Award event at West Bridgford Library this week after winning a pair of tickets with my winning Letter story in a Tweet:
For 40 years, it waited in a locked drawer to be sent. But it did not worry. It knew unspoken words said enough 40 years ago.
If you've not had a quick look back, do it now - you'll be surprised what ground you've covered.  And the stuff you didn't do - that's 2014 planned.

Write. Finish things. Keep Writing.

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