Thursday, 22 March 2012


Danger/Action: essential office-based poe
Been a bit of a rollercoaster week, all told;  States of Independence on Saturday was excellent; some great sessions (including the chance to see Adrian Reynolds' play 'Breaking In').  And I finally got my copy of Robin Vaughan William's poetry pamphlet 'The Manager' after seeing him perform it at the Jam Cafe last year.

Then another night of new work at Antenna Nottingham last night; Word of Mouth's film night was an intense mix of films, and film related poetry; if I'd known I was going to a premier of Graham Lester George's film I'd have dug out my tux...

And a lot of positive feedback about Coalface, my YA victorian adventure, which is keeping me motivated as I continue with the edits.  A big thank you to everyone who listened to me chatter about it this week - I promise I'll get on now.

Oh yes, and I made avocado and prawn risotto; which tasted nicer than it looks on the pic - recommended.

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