Saturday, 17 September 2011

In Progress

Flashback to Lowdham Book Festival...(cue wavy screen)

'So, what are you working on, Andy?'

'I'm writing something using text messages.'

'That sounds really interesting - is it nearly finished?'

'er, Yes!'

'Great, send it to me when you're done.'

'er, Okay...!'

Of course, had no idea whether it was finished, as I had no idea how it would finish.  It was one of those ideas that spring out of nowhere when you're stuck on another project; in my case, Coalface, my YA adventure story.  And as it rumbled around incomplete on a document file, I did wonder whether it was one of those ideas... or one of those ideas.

In that moment, in the fierce spotlight of a cosy cup of coffee behind the NWS book stall, I decided the only way to know was by putting the idea out there, showing people, rather than keeping them locked away, in case they would break.  I took a chance, and told someone.

Five drafts and a hefty bit of editing, it's not just one of those ideas, it's a finished work, ready to read, ready to be presented at Word of Mouth's next event at Broadway Nottingham on Halloween. 
Lesson learned - if you want to know what kind of idea it is, talk about it - not all of it, but enough to for you to know whether it will go the distance.  If it isn't, you've just saved yourself a lot of heartache.  If it is, get going with the next draft- remember, writers finish stuff.

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