Wednesday, 6 July 2011


I'm rotten at handing out writing advice; but I am happy to testify when advice I have been given works, and how it's made a positive change to my writing.
I'm fast approaching the end of the first draft of Coalface, but I've had another deadline to contend with which could not be moved; so my YA Victorian adventure manuscript has had to wait for a couple of days, while I rolled up my sleeves and finished a short play script.

I've been meaning to get it sorted for months - now the deadline is here - no excuses.

Three days later... I'm on the other side of having the short play critiqued, and I'm really glad I stuck with it.  Like any first draft, it needs work; but the key thing is, it's a complete piece with a start, middle and end.  And that means I can understand how to make it work harder without the fear of not knowing how the script works overall.

Finishing proves (to you, if no-one else) you can produce a complete story - something which sets you apart from the person you were when you had half an idea rattling around in a notebook; or worse still, the back of your head.  And a complete story is a story which can be made better.

Right, time to finish something else - back to the Coalface we go...

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