Monday, 12 July 2010

Getting a bigger boat

After the feedback from Derbyshire Scriptwriters on my short screenplay, I took the plunge this weekend, and saw whether I could make a feature out of it or not - and you know what?

I'll tell you in a minute.

I spent a blisteringly hot Saturday in the good company of Michael Eaton and a group of other writers at Nottingham Contemporary on a Scriptwriting Workshop- one of the excellent sessions organised by Nottingham Writers Studio.  Michael has a phenomenal track record, and his thoughts on how to apply his philosophy of the process of scriptwriting to the incredibly varied stories around the room was inspiring, and marvellously invisible - we went into the room with a bunch of completely different stories, and came out with a bunch of completely different outlines for screenplays.  My thanks to Michael and everyone at the workshop for the help and encouragement they gave me for my work; I hope I was of help to them too.

There are more events coming up after the summer, so if you're inspired, take a look.

Yes, it is a feature (I'm practicing adding suspense as I blog), or at least it will be.
I have to finish rewriting the novel first...

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